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Woman Jailed For Pinning His Boyfriend’s Condom.

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A 39 year old western German woman who wanted to get pregnant against the will of her 42 year old boyfriend has been jailed for six months, for sabotaging the contraceptive of his boyfriend.

She was convicted for sexually assaulting his ‘enjoyment partner’ after she poked holes in his condom to release semen into fertilizing an egg.

According to Wion News, the couple have been going on a casual date since early 2021 but the woman has grown to develop deeper feeling, hence, want to commit herself  and her partner into moving the relationship to a different level. So, she started pinning the condoms of her partner in the hope that he would get her pregnant and stay, according to local paper Neue Westfälische.

In text exchange, the woman disclosed her subterfuge act to her casual sex partner. The man responded by calling the police to press charges against the secret act act of his partner.

She initially faces charges of rape, but authorities later reduced to sexual assault.

The Judge, Astrid Salewski told court that they have ‘written legal history’ with the landmark case. Salewski described the woman’s actions as ‘stealthing’, a practice which normally sees men removing condoms during sex or sabotaging protection without their partner’s consent.

The judge added: “This provision also applies in the reverse case. The condoms were rendered unusable without the man’s knowledge or his consent.

“No means no here as well.”

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