Monday, June 10, 2024

5 near-naked photos of Shugatiti trending after ‘naked’ post

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The new norm of showbiz celebrities feeding their followers with sultry photos is fast becoming a trend among female celebrities in Ghana.

These women, who in most cases claim to champion the cause of body positivity, share racy photos of themselves which spark discussions on social media.

In this regard, the spotlight has been cast on Ghanaian celebrity, Shugatiti , who has joined the list of female celebrities that usually tickle the fancy of fans with racy pictures.

In the case of ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’, Shugatiti has been captured in several instances on social media, sharing pictures that display her huge boobs, butts, thighs, and so on. Has crashed the internet several times, particularly with pictures in which she has been captured rocking bikini fits.

The celebrity has since been trending on various social media platforms.

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