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Big Ivy, Mother Of CJ Biggerman Advises The Youth To Always Have Plan B, Not To Let Passion Limit Them

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Ghana’s new rapper, Big Ivy counsels the youth to always focus on their passion but should be flexible enough to be available for other avenues.

Mama Ivy says she has always trained and advised his son, CJ Biggerman, to go to school and have diverse plans as well so that people do not take him for granted in future.

“I wanted him to have a plan B. Go to school, get to your limit and then follow your passion. There are a lot of youths who just follow their passion and then discard what they are doing. My belief is to have two or three options. So that if one doesn’t work, you move on to the other one. If you do that, no one will take you for granted. Take your time to plan and implement whatever you want to do,” she told HitzFm.

According to Big Ivy, it was her dreams to become a rapper but things fell apart back in her hay days

“I am putting myself down as a model. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a musician. I wanted to rap. So in those days when I was in the university, I used to love Maca B. There was this rapper called Maca B in those days. And he was doing a lot of conscious music with all the current affairs in educative-informative rap. And I was so addicted to one of his raps, Conscious,” Big Ivy said as she has become a rapper through her son.

Big Ivy, whose real name is Ivy Enyonam Adjimah, holds a Bachelors Degree in Publishing Studies from KNUST and a Masters Degree in Economic Policy Management, University of Ghana. She has pursued many careers outside her academic qualification. She is a banker and has featured in several TV series including Yolo( Drogba’s sugar mummy), Omanbapa, Grey Hair, Muddy Places, Pillars of Strength, Taxi Driver, Kutokwaraba, and later joined David Dontohs drama group (Kozi Kozi) where she performed in several stage plays including the hit drama “A song of a goat” and “Graveyard people”

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