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Blakk Rasta Frustrated As Fellow Musicians Decline Collaborations

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Blakk Rasta expresses frustration as he reveals fellow musicians decline his quest for collaborations

Abubakar Ahmed, better known by his stage name Blakk Rasta, is a well-known Ghanaian Reggae musician and broadcaster who has expressed his unhappiness over the ongoing denial of his demands for musical collaboration by other artists.

Blakk Rasta recently challenged artists to quit underestimating their peers and advocated for a shift in their thinking in a report on, a report by Asasase Radio.

Blakk Rasta thinks that the root of the problem is selfishness, stating, “We lack trust in one another. It’s disheartening to see everyone solely focused on their own interests without genuinely supporting each other.”

He stressed to King Lagazee the necessity of a widespread change in the mindset of artists.

When approaching artists for collaboration, the reggae musician was surprised by the surprising responses he got,Recently, I reached out to a few artists with collaboration proposals, and their responses were quite surprising,” he lamented.

Blakk Rasta said that despite the artists’ initial enthusiasm, he never got any response or follow-up after delivering them his tracks.

Blakk Rasta acknowledged that he has had the chance to work with well-known artists in the past, but he said that collaboration has never been his strong point. He blamed the lack of cooperation, nevertheless, on people who thought their involvement in his recordings would affect the game because they overestimated themselves.

Blakk Rasta emphasized the significance of putting aside egos in order to promote harmony and development within the music business.“When ego prevails, true unity becomes elusive. If we genuinely want to move forward, we must let go of our egos,” he emphasized.

The openness of Blakk Rasta’s comments revealed the difficulties he has encountered in his quest for musical collaboration. It is anticipated that as the industry mulls over his remarks, artists will reconsider their strategy and adopt a more supporting and collaborative mentality, fostering the development and cohesion of the Ghanaian music scene.

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