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Forestry Commission Disclose How Galamsey Is threaten 34 Forest Reserves

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288 forest reserves in Ghana, 34 of them are being threaten
because of the activities of illegal mining popularly called ‘’Galamsey,’’
Forestry Commission disclose.

Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, former chairman of
Inter-Ministerial Committee on galamsey issues, accuse government officials who
take part in the threat. He elevate concern about the permits which has been
given to mine in some forest reserves.

Mr. John Allotey, CEO of Forestry Commission speaking at a
press conference stated that, the level of damage in the affected forest
reserves is extremely serious.

‘’ 34 out of 288 forest reserves have been affected. These are
areas we have significant illegal mining. The total area mapped is about 4,726.2
hectares. This is only the size of the surface, some of these impact is fully
in whole. And they excavate lots of materials that will impact the forest. It’s
not only only the size but the impact on water bodiesand depth of holes
created. A lot more would have to be done to be able to reclaim the land’’, Mr.
Alotey stated.


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