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Ghana Is Fortunate To Have You – Fella Praises Medikal, Says He's Best Rapper Ever

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Ghanaians Are Fortunate To Have You – Fella Praises Medikal, Says He’s Best Rapper Ever

Popular Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui has lavished Medikal with accolades, calling him the “undisputed best rapper for life.”

Fella Makafui thanked Medikal for being such a gifted and adaptable rapper in Ghana in an Instagram post.

“Best rapper for life. Ghanaians are truly blessed to have you, Medikal. Go ahead and argue with your keyboards,” she captioned alongside a video of Medikal’s latest freestyle performance.

Fella Makafui is inspired by Medikal because of his astounding performance on DJ Slim’s well-liked YouTube program, “Street Is Watching.”

Medikal took advantage of the chance to work with the gifted Ghanaian Disk Jockey once more to exhibit his lyrical prowess, and in the end astounding fans and listeners.

Rappers can enter the studio and give unpolished, unrehearsed performances on “Street Is Watching,” a well-liked YouTube show hosted by DJ Slim. Medikal made the most of the platform throughout his 10-minute freestyle performance, enthralling the crowd with his lightning-quick delivery, sophisticated rhymes, and contagious enthusiasm.

Medikal’s perfect delivery and impeccable flow kept the crowd interested throughout the entire performance. His versatility as an artist was demonstrated by his ability to switch between various tempos, rhyme schemes, and styles with ease. He used every trick in the book to show off his lyrical skill, from clever wordplay to sharp punchlines.

It is clear from Fella Makafui’s adoration of Medikal’s creativity and ability that the rapper is among Ghana’s best, and that his artistry and influence will continue to enthrall listeners for many years to come.

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