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Health: Three Important Reasons Why You Should Drink Enough Water Everyday

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Health: Three Important Reasons Why You Should Drink Enough Water Everyday

Water, as an inorganic compound is very important to mankind. Around 60 percent of the human body is made up of water. 

According to findings, humans can only survive up to 3-5 days without water. This means that water plays many important roles in the body of human. 

Notwithstanding, it is preferred to be sipping water during active periods rather than waiting to be extremely thirsty to gulp a lot at a goal.

The quantity of water one should drink depends on one’s age, biological sex and most importantly activity level. Women require up to 11 cups whiles men 20 cups (the U.S. customary measurement).

Here are three reasons why you should drink enough water everyday:

1. Water helps to normalize temperature of the body and further maximize physical performance. Obviously, physical activities cause one to profusely perspire. Drinking enough water during a vigorous activity is important to keep one active and also helps to recover 6 to 10 percent of body fluid loss during physical activity.

2. Drinking enough water ensures retentive memory and aids in cognitive function. According to research, being effectively hydrated is essential to staying focused, alert and boosts long-term memory. Hydration ensures that brain activity stays consistent. Lack of enough water in the system can negatively affect short-term memory and aid forgetfulness.

3. Drinking enough water helps improve mood. When you are hydrated, you are active. You may something feel you did not get enough sleep or food. Dehydration may result in fatigue, confusion as well as anxiety.

Just like eating enough food and exercising, drinking enough water is very important to make the body healthy.

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