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I Am Not Just A Volta Boy, I Am First A Ghanaian – Chief One

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Michael Ivan Nyagamagu Popularly known in the music scenes as Chief One has said in an interview with Ahoefa Mimi on “Holy 98.5 FM“ that, it is about time Ghanaians start considering him as a Ghanaian Artiste rather than just an artiste from of the Volta  Region of Ghana. By this, he meant to say that, considering him as a Volta Region Artiste limits him to just a little fraction of Ghana. 

He added that,  the fact that he is a Voltarian does not mean that he belongs to only Volta Region – first he is a Ghanaian. Chief One, in the interview, appreciated people from the Volta Region of Ghana a lot for the undying support from day one to date.

Chief One is a musician in the Ghanaian music industry. He is a Hip Hop/Hip Life artist and a song writer from the Volta Region of Ghana.

Chief One rose to fame when he released his single titled “Young boy” followed by “Mekamo” and “Novayi”. Among the three releases, the one which really continues to make waves in the music industry is, “Novayi”.

Michael Ivan Nyagamagu has been to a lot of interviews in the Volta Region and across the country.

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