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I Commented on Agya Koo’s Mansion for hype

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My negative comments about Agya Koo’s mansion was for hype, I lied – Oboy Siki reveals

Oboy Siki has said that his recent comments against Agya Koo’s property were made with the intention of gaining attention.


Oboy Siki had initially opened up in an exclusive interview that Agya Koo paid for his opulent properties with money acquired for sponsoring Nana Addo’s candidacy in the 2016 and 2020 elections.


Oboy Siki has since made a startling admission, acknowledging that he planned the attack on Agya Koo on purpose.


He admitted that he had worked with Big Akwes to start the disparaging remarks in an interview on Angel FM. Oboy Siki took it upon himself to lead the effort and deliver the critical remarks, despite Big Akwes’ hesitation.


In addition, Oboy Siki acknowledged that he and Big Akwes frequently consider pursuing successful but innocent celebrities in order to get attention on social media. In order to bolster his claim, he alluded to the current conflict between Big Akwes and Oboy Frank Nero, underlining their conscious efforts to stir up controversy for their own benefit.




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