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“I Don’t Smoke” – Black Sheriff

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A lot people have the misconception that a greater percentage of artistes, especially, male artistes take illicit drugs. Ghanaian musician, Black Sherif, also known as Killer Blacko says emphatically that he does not smoke marijuana.

The Ghanaian musician who is currently making global waves with his single track dubbed “Kwaku The Traveller” said this in a discussion with the host of Daybreak Hitz, Andy Dosty, as he repeatedly asked him if he really didn’t smoke. The host was vehemently shocked about his comment.

In the interview on Thursday, April 7, he said “boys are rolling” and are “burning the beat” in his songs but he doesn’t smoke.

“I don’t smoke. And I am not telling anyone to do it. When I talk about smoking, it’s actually about smoking the beat. We are burning the beat. Na ayɛ shishiishi,” he said.

Killer Blacko has made a lot of sacrifices and life-altering decisions since he emerged from being  an underground artiste to becoming a mainstream songster.

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