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I Don’t Think I Got Married Too Early; I’m Still Pursuing My Dreams -Dr Louisa

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I don’t think I got married too early; I’m still pursuing my dreams -Dr Louisa

The wife of well-known Ghanaian dancehall performer Stonebwoy, Dr. Louisa, recently addressed their union and disproved the idea that they wed too young in life.

She stated that age was not a deciding factor in her and Berla Mundi’s decision to get married in a sincere interview on the “Day Show” with Berla Mundi.

Louisa married Stonebwoy when she was 25 years old, but she is adamant that waiting longer would not have weakened their close relationship. She claimed that their common ambition and goal-oriented mindsets were what drew them together.

She underlined that moving on to the next stage of life does not always require achieving particular milestones along a straight path. She thinks that if the perfect chance arises and family support is available, one should seize it.

”I think life is not a linear process where you have to wait to accomplish this and have a 100 percent success in it before moving on to the next thing. If it happens and you think is it’s right and you have the support of your family; I think you should go for it,” she said

Louisa also commended Stonebwoy for being a helpful husband, especially while she was studying. She was further convinced by his eagerness to help her that she had made the proper choice in selecting him as her life partner.

The interview demonstrated Dr. Louisa and Stonebwoy’s respectful and understanding relationship, which was loving and supportive. They were aware of their compatibility and wanted to start a family when they felt the timing was appropriate, so age was not a barrier for them.

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