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I will only campaign for a political party that pays me $1 billion -Kwaku Manu says

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I will only campaign for a political party that pays me $1 billion -Kwaku Manu says

Kwaku Manu, a well-known actor in Kumawood, has promised not to support any political party, but he would be willing to do so for $1 billion.


Perhaps this is a message being sent by the host of the YouTube channel Aggressive to the many political parties hoping to hire him as the nation gears up for national elections next year.


No political party can pay Kwaku Manu to run for office, according to the actor who has worked with Agya Koo, Lil Win, Nana Ama McBrown, Vivian Jill, Akrobeto, and Emelia Brobbey among others.


“I am not bragging, but no amount of money can influence me to campaign for any political party, whether NPP or NDC. Unless they are willing to pay me over $1 billion, which I know they wouldn’t.


“I vote every four years but I believe as a celebrity, it is good not to disclose the political party you support,” he said.


When the names of the Kumawood comedic actors are mentioned, Kwaku Manu will undoubtedly be on the list. In contrast to his fellow comedy performers Lil Win, Agya Koo, and others, he “reigned” in the film industry for only approximately three years.


He claims that a five-year suspension imposed on him at the height of his career is what caused it.


“Till today, I can’t tell you the reason why I was banned from the movie industry. Maybe it was because I was rising so quickly and the movie producers did not like that. They thought that banning me will be the end of Kwaku Manu but God works in a way no one can understand. I am making it today and it is all the blessings of God.”


“There is so much hatred and backbiting in the movie industry and it is about time we stopped it because it doesn’t help in any way. We are supposed to be united and fight for a common goal, but here we are fighting each other all the time. How can we expect it to grow?” he queried.


Kwaku Manu has also decided that he wants to lead a quiet life, and one step in that direction has been to cease posting pictures of his kids on social media.


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