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It Took Jackie Appiah Over 9 Years To Complete Her Mansion – Randy Abbey

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Sports analyst Randy Abbey has disclosed, speaking on Metro TV that the ‘controversial’ mansion of Jackie Appiah was not erected overnight. He said it took Jackie over nine years to complete the entire project.

Social media users and netizens have alleged, after videos showing the outward and interior decor of the classy mansion of the award winning actress, Jackie Appiah, came out that she used monies from the ‘big men’ to put up such a luxurious structure. According to the observers, it is impossible to venture such a project with monies from acting.

On a contrary,  Randy Abbey has debunked all rumours of Jackie’s involvement in any form of commercial s3x work. He said a lot of women do other things to get money but not Jackie.

“It has taken her 10 years to do this. It is just stereotyping. Yes, there are people who do all manner of things. Are you saying acting is the only thing she [Jackie] does? The fact that she has not told you the things she does apart from acting, does not mean that is the only thing she does.” -Randy Abbey said on Matro TV.

“You see that building you showed, nine years ago I was there with Samira and Jackie at the site. She started this thing ten years ago, this house. Nine years ago, I was there with Samira and her,” 

Randy added Jackie’s uncle started the project 10 years ago.

“The person that was building the house at the time was like her uncle. I don’t know if he is the same person that finished the house but this is a project she started ten years ago…it is not something she started just yesterday and as for interior decor and things, it is about taste and class,” 

Watch video of the mansion below:

The classy mansion of Jackie Appiah.
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