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KiDi speaks on false comments about his health – “Nobody has the right to assume the worst”

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Dennis Nana Dwamena, popularly known as KiDi shares his take on comments made regarding his health when he cancelled his tour.

Speaking to Cookie Tee on TV3 NewDay, the singer-songwriter said that he doesn’t blame any of the perpetrators however, no one had the right to think the worst.

“I don’t blame them. I said I wanted to cancel my tour because I had to deal with some health issues but no matter how I phrased it, it doesn’t give anybody the right to assume the worst,’ he stated.

The afrobeats and highlife singer opined that these people could have thought of other ailments but that was not the case. He also mentioned the gravity of the ailment people assumed he was dealing with. 

“When somebody has that ailment, that is literally the end of their lives. If somebody says, ‘I’m dealing with some health issues, I’ll be back’, you didn’t think of malaria, fever or anything else? Whoever they are, I hope they are happy with the results,” he said.

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The talented musician indicated that the people that shared the comments did not think of the effect it would have on people.

“They’ve not dug deep to see how it affects everybody around me like my son, my mum, my team and the brands I work with. There was so much panic and I don’t think these people dipped the repercussions of what they were doing. They just upped one day and said, ‘Let’s do this’ and did it,” he added.

In the same interview, KiDi debunked all those comments, saying that “Internally, my organs are all correct; my heart, kidney and liver are intact.”

By Kaakyire Esther ||Ghana

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