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Kuami Eugene Warns Future Girlfriend, Says She Should Have Tough Skin.

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Kuami Eugene Warns Future Girlfriend, Says She Should Have Tough Skin. 

One of Ghana’s youngest songwriters signed to Lyx Entertainment, Kuami Eugene, has sent serious cautions to ladies out there who are willing to date him in the future. The songster says that person should  have a tough skin.

Kuami Eugene who is currently single has already anticipated that his future girlfriend would always love him to show her off to the cameras but that might not happen.

“You expect me to flaunt you and I don’t, then it hurts you sometimes, I hang around with this person or that and it hurts you so much, I do not want to put anyone through that. Right now, I know dating me will be very difficult. You should have tough skin to date me”, 

According to the ‘Angela’ hitmaker, his future lady should be ready to be hated by others because people currently want a piece of him.

“If you want to have me to yourself, it’s going to take some sacrifices because people will just not allow you to date me. Everybody wants a piece of me. You’ll get a lot of hatred for yourself, they will come at you. People will come to you to say bad things about me just for you to lose me.”, Kuami Eugene said.

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