Thursday, June 13, 2024

‘Kwaku The Traveller’ Video Hits Over 1Million Views In 24Hours

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Amid the controversies about the video of Mohammed Ismail Sherif, popularly known as Black Sherif’s single ‘Kwaku the Traveller’, the video has hit over one million views in twenty-four hours. 

Many people, commenting on social media platforms have expressed their views on how the video does not sync with the lyrics of the song, but on the contrary, the majority also think otherwise.

Critical analysts are of the view that the video is well understood when it is assessed from the ending to the beginning, kind of a ‘flashback’; a creative art depicting the life of Black Sheriff.

‘Kwaku the Traveller’ was produced by Joker Nharnah, directed and shot by David Nicol-Sey. The video has set a new record by hitting over a million views on the video streaming platform, YouTube.

Watch full video below; 

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