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Sarkodie broken, pens long emotional tribute and to eulogize and mourn his lawyer

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Sarkodie broken, pens long emotional tribute to mourn his lawyer


Sarkodie, a well-known rapper, is currently mourning the loss of Cynthia Quarcoo, his cherished attorney.


Sarkodie, who affectionately referred to “Mama Cee,” expressed his profound sorrow at her demise in a poignant homage posted on his Instagram stories.


He acknowledged the warm and close relationship they had formed, saying she was one of the few people he felt safe being himself around.


Sarkodie reflected on the unique bond he had with Cynthia from the moment they first met, praising both their mutual trust and her thorough comprehension of his life. He voiced his amazement and grief, saying that it would be very challenging to get past the many memories they had made together.


The rapper acknowledged Cynthia’s dislike of people feeling sorry for her and wished she had told him about her condition. He acknowledged that she had left this world on her terms, leaving behind a legacy of fortitude and tenacity that he described as “a classic Mama C.”


Sarkodie also expressed his concerns over not hearing from Cynthia recently, since she was always the first to get in touch and show worry or lightheartedly taunt him. He recalled asking her why he hadn’t heard from her in a WhatsApp chat.


He felt that something wasn’t right after seeing the two ticks showing that she had received the message hours later. He then received the heartbreaking news of her dying.


Sarkodie understood Cynthia’s need for strength in those she cared about despite the overwhelming pain. He promised to try his hardest to maintain his strength for both himself and her. He sent his sympathies to Cynthia’s friends, family, and especially her kids, pleading with them to find courage during this trying time.


Tracy, Sarkodie’s wife, shared a touching picture of Cynthia and her husband on Twitter in the meantime. Tracy just added the emojis for a broken heart and a dove to the message to represent the extreme pain and peace they experienced in the wake of this awful loss.


Sarkodie wrote,“You left exactly how you wanted (strong) a classic Mama C. This is going to be a very difficult one for all of us but I guess that’s the price to pay when you open up to love. It was unusual! hadn’t heard from you in these few days because knowing my mama Cee she will be the first person to text me worried then tease me… sent you a WhatsApp asking ” Mama C Na mentee wonka oo” but after several hours seeing two ticks felt something was wrong then they broke the news to me. We know what you would love for all of us (to be strong) we will try.”

He continued, “First time we met knew you were supposed to be part of this journey. You knew everything about me it almost felt like you were stalking me I was moved and I said to my self “now that’s my lawyer!” From our first meeting, we’ve never been apart till date … so many memories it’s going to be real hard to get over this. One of the few people I open up to. Mama Cee!! At least you should’ve told me you aren’t feeling well but knowing you I know you hate us feeling bad for you.”

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