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Three Simple Things To Do To Spice Your Marriage

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Marriage is a universal ritual that is practiced to usher two consenting people (usually male and female), with (sometimes) the consents of families of both parties into a new way of life. These people leave their parents and kith to tie knots with their spouses and profess to live a unitary life till death do them part. Religious bodies have ways and means of portraying their unique rites to transitioning the couple from singlehood into the new level of life (marriage).

Usually, it is seen that the day of marriage ceremonies look bright and joyful but the entire journey turns sour in the cause of travelling. Was it the case of our great grandparents in the 10th to 19th centuries? Even our immediate grandparents from the 20th centuries have testified the joy and the accepted role distribution in their marriages.

Many counsellors and marriage experts have come out with many practices by couples that have been killing marriages in our contemporary world. Many have opined that; couples today have been self-centered even till the time they enter into marriage. Self-centeredness has led many marriages into adopting other cancerous behaviours that destroy the expected bond between couples. 

There are many things married couples can do to make their marriages work but I will touch on THREE basics out of them all.


Many married couples wake up obsessed about either the day’s work or the previous day’s stress. These thoughts automatically take over their mood and prevent them from making up with their spouses before leaving for work. It will surprise you to know that some married couples don’t even talk to each other before they go out for work. Returning from work also take the same fomular as one is always tired and is mostly in haste to finish refreshing up and retire to bed. Consequently, an unconscious continuous neglect of one’s spouse means a gradual collapse of the marriage. To curb this, it is very important to say a romantic good morning to your wife/husband (with a soft kiss). Try to get closer to your spouse, initiate any conversation of interest as you both prepare for work. Just saying “good morning” every blessed day will go a long way to stick your family together till thy kingdom comes, aa the morning greetings has the ability to initiate other important conversations.


It is very true that some married couples are naturally introverts who might reject the idea of randomly taking a leisurely walk with their spouses, especially in their communities. Notwithstanding, we should not be oblivious to the fact that, exposing your love shared with your husband/wife gives you a certain confidence in wanting to defend your marriage. To spice your marriage, it is important to once a while hold your spouse’s hand and walk leisurely, covering some distances in your area and reflecting on some memorable events that will, by every minute, render your marriage fresh.


Some married couples are very strict, stiff and stuck in their own corners, having their own definition of a good couple. To make your marriage spicy, surprise your wife/husband at his/her work place, during birthdays, during anniversaries, etc. The culture of giving gifts is very absent in some marriages. Some couples are also used to the traditional gender role in the house. Dear husbands, close from work early and surprise your wife by preparing the evening meal. Beloved wife, buy a gift for your husband on his birthday. Giving out gifts is not the sole responsibility of the man. Surprise your spouse by mounting his/her picture in your office. Imagine your spouse seeing this! Do something outside the ordinary and create a lasting memory.

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