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[Video] Kojo Antwi Discloses Plan To Change Name As Part Of Re-branding

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Music  legend, Kojo Antwi, has made known his plan to change his already sedimented name as part of re-branding to meet future plans.

The “Mr. Music Man” revealed this in an interview with Roselyn Felli on ‘Prime Morning’ on Wednesday, December 22, 2022.

According to Kojo Antwi, his name and current achievements make him feel he has arrived but he is yet to begin, hence, a change of name to significant a new beginning.

“The legend thing is good. And when they give you the title it sounds like you have arrived, you’ve done everything and there’s nothing else for you to do. Next year (2023) we will be pursuing something. There is a change of name coming…” —Kojo ANTWI said

Kojo Antwi has hinted at plans to change his name as part of re-branding.

Change of name at this point? Well, let’s wait for it.

— Kwame Dadzie (@Kwamedadziegh) December 22, 2022

To clear speculations, Mr. Music Man clarified that he has no intentions to throw away his achievements. He will visit back to tap inspirations for the new journey ahead.

“I can always go back and tap into it, but I still believe there’s a lot that I have that is not out there. So the book has other things that come to it. There’s a whole lot coming.”

Kojo Antwi who has 22 albums to his credit also said on the show that people misjudge his genre of music, stating that he is not a highlife musician as people think. “My music is called Afro Pop, African Popular Music,” he explained.

Kojo ANTWI was a former Ghamro chairman.

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