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Women Love Good S*x Than Money – Mr. Logic

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Issues about Sex were covered in fine linens in the days gone, but not today. Nowadays, they are discussed on all platforms in the media space – sometimes to educate the masses, and, at other times, to expose the pleasures in the act.

Emmanuel Barnes, popularly known as Mr. Logic, a pundit on Hitz FM’s Daybreak has said that one essential element that can easily sustain or glue a woman to a man is good sex.

He mentioned that, the notion of most men, that money is the first focus of women is wrong. He was speaking to Andy Dosty other pandits on Daybreak show.

He said this after a song by Gambo titled, “boys ay3 wild” was played on the show. The song actually preached the importance of money in a relationship and how it is important for a man to work hard I’m order to prevent other men from snatching one’s woman with money.

According to Mr. Logic, women need care and attention and most importantly, they are particular  about their sexual needs.

“Real women do not need money; all they need is good sex. They need respect, attention, security and good sex. If you like buy a house for your woman and don’t give her good sex and see what happens.”

Do women prioritize money or good sex?

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