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Apostle Owusu Banahene Throws Challenge To Nogokpo Traditional Council Amid Agyinasare Impasse

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 Apostle Owusu Banahene Dares Nogokpo Traditional Council To Try The Power Of God In Him [Watch]

Leader of World Bible Miracle Chapel International, Apostle Samuel Owusu Banahene has vehemently dared chiefs of Nogokpo traditional area battle him.

According to the man of God, Archbishop Aginasare did nothing wrong by sharing his experiences when he traveled to the Volta region, to call for the anger of Nogokpo traditional area.

He said this in a sermon he delivered to his congregation at Mpraeso, Kwahu.

Why should it trigger anger when a head pastor stands in his church to share his experiences during one of his journeys to the Volta region…. Does this call for battle? Should traditional leaders sit on this and invite the pastor giving him days. If they like, let them bet with me. I want to call Aginasare to ask him to dare them. They should call all their gods for incarnation… we will battle with them and show them the intensity of the powers of God”, he said.

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On May, 25, leader of Perez Chapel International Archbishop Charles Agyinasare labeled Nogokpo town in the Volta region as “demonic headquarters” during one of his sermons at  the Supernatural Empowerment Summit of the church which triggered impasses between both religious groups.

Days after the controversy, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare sincerely expressed clarifications regarding his views and apologised to the people of Volta region for any inconvenience caused.

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