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We offered to keep Mr Drew at Highly Spiritual but he rejected it – Kaywa reveals

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Rumors about the singer’s impending exit from his record company at the time started to surface roughly a year ago.

However, Mr. Drew refuted these rumors, characterizing them as just rumors, in an interview with Doreen Avio on Hitz FM.

The well-known “Shuperu” hitmaker, however, stated in a TV3 interview a few months into 2023 that he was no longer associated with Highly Spiritual Music, claiming that he quit to pursue a change in his career path.

In his own words, Mr. Drew explained, “Everyone desires growth; you can’t remain in one place for an extended period. It’s about moving forward.”

The respected music producer and CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, Kaywa, has ended his silence over Mr. Drew’s departure. On their Twitter feed, Hitz 103.9 FM shared a piece showcasing Kaywa’s justification.

The first five-year contract between the label and the performer, according to Kaywa, had ended. Mr. Drew had already decided to look into other options and not be a part of the company’s goals, despite the label’s aspirations to continue working with him in the future.

Kaywa went on to say that Mr. Drew had stated a desire for change, and they were forced to accept that decision by letting him proceed.

“Mr. Drew’s five-year deal with Highly Spiritual had run its course. We believed we still could continue working together, but he expressed his desire to take a different direction. Thus, we respected his decision to move on,” Kaywa stated.

Although Mr. Drew’s resignation from Highly Spiritual Music signals the end of an era, each party is still committed to following their own paths. The talented musician and the renowned music label have intriguing new chapters ahead, and fans are anxious to read them.

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