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Black Sherif Writes Emotional Message To Self As He turns 21 Today

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Black Sherif Writes Emotional Message To Self As He turns 21 Today

Fast rising star, Mohammed Ismail Sherif, popular known as Black Sherif or Kwaku Frimpong has expressed how satisfied he feels whenever people emotionally relate with the lyrics of his music.

The ‘First and Second Sermon’ hitmaker said this as part of his 21st birthday messages, defining success and how making impact with his music mean to him.

Success for me is about making an impact with my words and melodies, watching them resonate and letting them know that they’re not alone in everything they’re going through. 

Nothing beats meeting people who share stories about how my songs helped them through a certain period of their lives, that’s a forever emotion” – Black Sherif wrote on Instagram.

He further posted some sensational photos of himself on Instagram.

Credit: Black Sherif/ Instagram

Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong was born on January, 9, 2002 in Konomgo, Ghana.

He gained popularity in 2021 with his song “First Sermon” in May 2021 and has now caught the attention of music lovers, both in Ghana and abroad.

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