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Joey B Details How He Battles Asthma

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Joey B Details How He Been Battles Asthma

Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin, known in the music scene as Joey B, has detailed how his fatal health condition is negatively affecting his career and stage performances.

He stated that asthma has been with him for the past five years — since 2018 and it has gotten worse recently. He added that all efforts to stay fit have proven difficult.

As a result of this and the condition of the weather, Joey B has been absent on some big stages Ghanaians expected him to mount.

This is the reason the ‘Tonga’ fame missed  Black Star Line Festival and others.

He said: “where do i start… so the past few years i’ve been fighting this Asthma thing. got really serious in 2018 but somehow i’ve been thuggin it out. as of last year till date its been constant asthma attacks due to weather change or excessive dust in Ghana.

i have still performed in this condition and exuded rage/energy on stage. i will not deliberately take monies and not deliver as expected. i did not no show an event because i think i’m drake. free events sef, i still show love how much more paid ones.”

i’ve kept these attacks private as i dont want it as an excuse for not dropping music or seeking sympathy. but where it catch, image tarnishing come inside and i have to let y’all know whats been up.

my condition was communicated to the event organizers quite last minute as I thought I could push through but it over me kraa. please dont push a narrative for likes or engagements. i’ll def make it up to you when i’ve fully recovered.

Joey B was born on August 20, 1989, Cape Coast, Ghana. He is well known for his single Tonga, and has worked with various labels and producers such as Hammer of The Last Two and Black Avenue Music and produced many hit songs such as “Tonga”and “Pinch mah Nips”

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