Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Camidoh Advises Ghana Musicians To Target Features Beyond Africa

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Soothing voice, Camidoh, has counselled his fellow singers to have an eye over the borders of Africa for collaborations in order to attract traffics on their contents.

The “sugarcane” banger man said the focus on Ghana musicians for features because one is a Ghanaian would not make sense economically.

“It does not make sense to say I am a Ghanaian artiste so I am making collaborations with Ghanaians only” — he said in an interview  with Y107.9FM’s Kojo Manu on “Dryve of Your Lyfe” show.

He added that, collaborations with foreign artistes does not mean that one should shun working with locals as he termed as “plenty meat does not spoil the soup,”

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