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“I Am A Graduate In Ghetto Life And It Has Disconnected Me From My Family” — Nasty Cries

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Rudolf Nana Kwame Brekorang, known previously in the music industry as Nasty has recounted how he graduated from smoking cigarettes, through marijuana and other illicit drug sequences to sniffing Cocain. 

The ex-artiste of Lifeline Family said drugs and other ghetto lifestyles have dissociated him from his already well-to-do family. He added that mostly, drug addicts feel their family have rejected them but it happens the other way around. 

In an interview with DJ Nyami on SVTV Africa watched by, the talented singer who gained a lot of recognition and made worth for himself through music, exposed some addictive vices that happen in various senior high schools, even during his time as a student. He started doing drugs back at his time as a student in Adesadel College, Cape Coast.

“It all started at Adisadel College, half of the boys do it. it is not just among ADISCO boys, the Cape Coast schools. It starts with cigarettes and proceeds to cocaine.”

The singer advised young artiste, especially boys to try and stay away from drugs and ghetto life. Despite himself being the son of a leader of the Methodist Church, Africa, drugs were able to hold him captive.

“These drugs are addictive and will hold you captive….There is no better life in ghetto, I’m telling you. Your talent could be polished in the ghetto but the things you do in the ghetto might not let you live long.”

Watch full interview below:

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