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I am struggling after converting to Islam – Akuapem Poloo

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Sensational Ghanaian actress and entertainer, Rosemond Brown Alade, otherwise known as Akuapem Poloo has stated that she is struggling after converting to Islam in an interview.

Recall that Akuapem Poloo not so long ago announced that she was moving into the Muslim community, a decision she deemed very important after her legal tussle concerning child pornography.

The actress explained that the move was necessary as Islam is one religion that heavily frowns on nudity and obscenities. She hoped that the institution would deter her from gaining unpopular attention from the masses as she usually did.

But it appears Poloo is up against the wall. In a recent interview, Akuapem Poloo opened up on the challenges she faces now as she tries to adapt to a new and wholly different yet acceptable life.

During the interview with Sammy Kay, she was open about the challenges she faces in balancing the expectations of her newly discovered faith with her previous acts.

Female socialite Poloo, claimed that regularly visiting the mosque has had a big impact on her conduct, restraining her from activities which were once a signature of her identity, like twerking.

Among other issues that were discussed with the socialite after she lamented of her struggling after converting to Islam, she stated that she had been in a relationship with somebody for the past seven years.

She continued, saying that she is awaiting the ideal moment to marry the man she is presently dating.

When questioned why she has been waiting for so long, Akuapem Poloo revealed that she doesn’t want to repeat the error of giving birth out of wedlock, which happened with her first son.

However, she expressed she was glad to have her own son although she regrets not marrying the father of her son.

She recently declared her wish to have another child, but only after getting married.

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